Who Are The Highest Paid Golfers In 2018 So Far?

So we are fast approaching half way through the year and it is always interesting to have a look at who the highest paid golfers are to date. Excluding and sponsorship golfers get it is very easy to see how much money they are all making as thankfully the PGA  publicly display all the players rankings and current earnings for the year.


Although every year people assume Tiger Woods is likely to be on top of the leader board he only just makes the top 50 so far. Of course that means he has made over a million dollars, but the total payout to all players is already over 1/4 a Billion US dollars!! So who is top of the table to date? Justin Thomas by a long shot, having made over $5,000,000 this year to date!


The table below is taken from ESPN (http://www.espn.com/golf/moneylist) and shows the top 50 as of the 16th of April 2018. Who do you think will win this year? Anyone going to make over $50 Million?


1 Justin Thomas 10 $5,221,300.00
2 Bubba Watson 10 $3,674,254.00
3 Patrick Reed 13 $3,453,052.00
4 Phil Mickelson 11 $3,366,551.00
5 Dustin Johnson 8 $3,209,658.00
6 Patton Kizzire 15 $3,177,988.00
7 Justin Rose 7 $3,025,483.00
8 Jon Rahm 9 $2,787,698.00
9 Rickie Fowler 9 $2,624,060.00
10 Tony Finau 13 $2,430,435.00
11 Jason Day 7 $2,356,550.00
12 Paul Casey 10 $2,288,135.00
13 Luke List 16 $2,277,395.00
14 Marc Leishman 12 $2,211,914.00
15 Pat Perez 10 $2,190,741.00
16 Alex Noren 9 $2,183,059.00
17 Patrick Cantlay 10 $2,178,209.00
18 Brian Harman 13 $2,164,942.00
19 Cameron Smith 12 $2,158,880.00
20 Bryson DeChambeau 12 $2,150,387.00
21 Rory McIlroy 7 $2,146,263.00
22 Chez Reavie 15 $2,082,502.00
23 Brendan Steele 10 $2,034,258.00
24 Ian Poulter 10 $1,997,139.00
25 Gary Woodland 13 $1,934,717.00
26 Jordan Spieth 10 $1,899,046.00
27 Kevin Kisner 11 $1,821,635.00
28 Si Woo Kim 15 $1,798,823.00
29 Chesson Hadley 14 $1,777,860.00
30 Henrik Stenson 5 $1,736,492.00
31 Austin Cook 14 $1,626,592.00
32 Ted Potter Jr. 15 $1,600,508.00
33 Beau Hossler 15 $1,445,406.00
34 Rafael Cabrera Bello 10 $1,429,947.00
35 Webb Simpson 12 $1,381,767.00
36 Charles Howell III 15 $1,346,109.00
37 Keegan Bradley 12 $1,298,957.00
38 Kyle Stanley 12 $1,280,954.00
39 James Hahn 13 $1,259,564.00
40 Adam Hadwin 12 $1,255,281.00
41 Emiliano Grillo 12 $1,188,076.00
42 Tiger Woods 6 $1,185,348.00
43 Ryan Armour 16 $1,162,622.00
44 Xander Schauffele 12 $1,147,553.00
45 Whee Kim 15 $1,137,770.00
46 Andrew Landry 12 $1,112,754.00
47 Kevin Chappell 12 $1,050,511.00
48 Ryan Moore 10 $1,038,091.00
49 Brian Gay 14 $1,037,903.00
50 J.J. Spaun 12 $1,033,447.00

Strength training for improving your golf

Golf is a sport where you need coordination between mind and body. With a well maintained body you will be able to perform better as with any sport. In Golf the most important thing is strength and flexibility. The strength to hit that ball hard and fast and the flexibility to bend your upper body for that perfect swing of the club. So strength is not the only thing you need to work on.

But before you go and do the listed exercises, please consult a health professional. The some exercises listed may not be for everyone especially for those suffering heart, join, and bone problems.


The exercise list

For this article, I found a research done in 1995 and 1996 that questioned the same thing.

The exercise done during the research back in 1995 and 1996 were the following:

  1. Leg extension Quadriceps
  2. Seated leg curl Hamstrings
  3. Leg press Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals
  4. Chest cross Pectoralis major
  5. Chest press Pectoralis major, triceps
  6. Super pullover Latissimus dorsi
  7. Lateral raise Deltoids
  8. Biceps curl Biceps
  9. Triceps extension Triceps
  10. Back extension Erector spinae
  11. Abdominal curl Rectus abdominis
  12. Neck flexion Sternocleidomastoids
  13. Neck extension Upper trapezius
  14. Weight-assisted chin-up Latissimus dorsi, biceps
  15. Weight-assisted bar-dip Pectoralis major, triceps
  16. Rotary torso machine for the oblique muscles (added in 1996)
  17. Super forearm machine for the wrist flexor and extensor muscles (added in 1996)



You do not need to follow the list. As long as you can exercise the same muscle groups, you will be able to get more from that swing. However, much sure you choose a good golf grip. This will make all the exercise much easier when you actually play!


Strength training with flexibility training

Exercise does not need to be tedious, 12 repetitions are enough just to develop more muscle strength. The exercises done specifically targets the legs, torso, arms, and neck; almost the whole body. The set of exercise that targets these areas made the golf players performance better. The participants of the research experienced an added bonus to the torque, therefore an increase of swing speed.


They were able to perform better as their developed strength and flexibility let them swing the club harder and so the ball flew further.


In the following months after the research was carried the participants noted an increase in performance capability, better health, improvement on their daily life, less fatigue, and lesser injuries while playing the sport of golf. The exercise helped them in the long run as a golf player and as an ordinary person doing their daily task. They became healthier as they developed their bodies through the exercise.

Best golf shoes in 2018

Not all human foot are born equal the same as with shoes, especially golf shoes. Shoes for this sport is highly dedicated and with spikes under them until recent design geniuses with their technology changed the world and introduced spike-less shoes. The important thing for any pair of shoe is to get us from one point to another in a stable comfort.


Picking the Perfect Shoes


Forget buying a new pair online unless you want the same exact ones that you currently have, like a little twin brother. If the shoes are of another model and brand all together it be better to go out there and shop inside a physical store. You really do not want to walk all the way to the 18th hole on shoes that hates you.


Spike or no spike – Stability on a grassy field is important especially when the grass is wet. You also want to be able to walk around with them in multiple kinds of terrain.


Boot design or sandal design – think about the 4 seasons or 2 season depending on where you are in the world. Yes, there is such a thing as a golf shoes in the form of sandals for the tropics or for summer. If you don’t want them stick to breathable shoes in summer. But fully insulate your feet against moist and cold in autumn and winter. Materials used must meet then seasons too.

Comfort – need I say more about this? You will definitely have 9 or 18 holes and between them there are standing and walking.

Price and Value – pro, beginner, playing for fun, retirees looking to kill time. We all want that perfect pair to meet budget. A club set and all those golfing necessities are expensive enough as they are.


Best golf shoes in the market


Here is a little list of the top golf shoes in the market in no particular order:

  • Skechers Go Golf Elite 2 golf shoes – High level performance, high level support, and breathable while keeping your feet dry.
  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 golf – Best spike-free shoes, best traction in spike-free shoes, and snug fit like your golf gloves.
  • FootJoy Freestyle – breathable, comfortably snug and supportive, a bit expensive but very worth it, and lightweight.
  • Adidas Powerband Boa Boost – comfort is its nickname, lots of toe room, genius shoe lace, climate-proof, and got limited style and colour variety.
  • Nike Lunar Control II – balance of comfort and support, you won’t slip on any grass with this, and you will not regret the cost.
  • Adidas Adipure Flex golf shoes – best for the autumn and winter, more stability on any sort of moist or frosted grass, let the aftermath of the rain not bother you and play golf.
  • That’s it and hope you find those shoes fit for your foot.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf is an amazing sport for seniors as all you need to do is adapt your equipment and you can still play at the level you have always played at. When choosing the 2019 model golf clubs for seniors I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Daniel at Golf Accessories Reviews. He has shared detailed posts on just about everything you could need including golf cubs for seniors. The information provided in the reviews will be incredibly helpful to your golf game allowing seniors to enjoy their golf as they age. Let’s take a look at the golf and seniors and a few key differences in these clubs.


Happy senior golf palyer watching his ball go in the hole


Seniors and Golf

If you are already interested in golf clubs for seniors then chances are you already know the benefits of golf but let’s touch on them again! Many seniors have played golf their whole lives so as their bodies begin to slow all you need to do is upgrade or change your golf equipment and you can still achieve the same golf results. Walking a round of golf is incredibly good for joint mobility, elevating your heart rate and getting in some light cardio.  It also works to keep minds active by understanding the angles and math behind shots as well as keeping an eye out for your ball and remembering the proper technique. The social aspect of it is great too and there are many golf groups and social events for seniors to meet each other and make new friends.


Differences of Senior Golf Clubs Sets

There are a few key differences with senior golf club sets over lady and women sets. The main differences are the shaft, shaft flex, shaft torque and shaft weight. As you can see the shaft is the biggest factor! The shaft is more or less the engine of your golf so customizing your engine gives you the freedom to tweak things to how you want them!


Senior golf clubs


Shaft Flex

Shaft flex relates to a clubs ability to bend while swinging and this directly affects the direction as well as distance you can achieve when striking the ball. As your swing slows as you age the shaft needs to become more flexible to account for the loss in power. If you have a very fast swing then your shaft flex should be quite stiff. Many golf sets make it easier for seniors to choose as they come with the shaft flex rating of S for senior.


Shaft Torque

Torque is the twisting of your golf clubs and is measured and rated. The measurement is in degrees and the lower this number the less the shaft is going to twist. Torque is directly related to your balls trajectory with the lower torque being a lower trajectory and the higher torque being a higher trajectory. So if you are having issues with ball trajectory consider the shaft torque.


Shaft Weight

How much weight you have in your shaft is going to affect  your swing speed and therefore distance achieved. The lighter your shaft the more speed and distance you are likely to achieve. To know which shaft weight is right for you can be a bit tricky as it depends on your swing. If you know your swing speed and have noticed a significant slowing then changing your shaft weight could be the simple answer to this.

Finding the Best Irons for Improving your Long Game

If your long game needs a little help then perhaps you should consider your irons and buying a new set. Irons are a bit difficult to learn how to use but once you have mastered them your golf game should improve immensely. If you are looking for the Best Irons for Beginners in 2019 and after then I highly recommending reading the comprehensive review at Golf Accessories Reviews. Daniel has put in a lot of effort and work into writing detailed and very thorough reviews of all golf accessories that you could need. The website is very easy to navigate and very easy to read. I highly recommend Golf Accessories Reviews for all your golfing needs!


What are Irons?

Irons are the clubs you use for getting down the fairway after teeing off. They range from a 3 to a 9 iron and each number relates to a slightly different club with the lower numbers being used for long shots and the higher numbers for short shots. Learning to use your irons and mastering the distance you can achieve with them is the key to a lower handicap.


In a standard set there are 7 irons and a pitching wedge and sand wedge. In general the higher irons are a lot easier to hit with as they are quite a bit longer and more comfortable to use. The 3 and 4 irons are more often than not substituted out for fairway woods. Fairway woods are generally hybrid clubs with a bigger face than irons which make it alot easier to hit your golf ball. Fairway woods are great for beginner players.


What to Look for When Selecting Iron?

There are 3 things I consider very important when it comes to choosing the right irons. These include the shaft material, the club head and the centre of gravity. So let’s take a look at those 3 things in more detail.


Shaft Material

This should not be shrugged off lightly when considering not only your irons but all of your golf clubs. The material as well as length and shaft of your irons will change your golf hugely! For beginners the most important feature is forgiveness, when learning you are going to hit some very terrible shots -let’s accept that right now. Forgiving golf clubs mean that if you don’t connect with the sweet spot then your ball is still going to travel generally in the direction you are aiming and generally for quite some distance. This is great because the moment you hit a bad ball you feel it and you’ll know because it doesn’t sound good and it won’t feel good in your hands.


With a lighter shaft material you can expect your swing speed to increase and ball to travel further. Most lady clubs are made from graphite for this reason and graphite is also an excellent choice for a beginner. The other option would be steel shafts. It would be great if you can test both out before making your purchase as well as the height of your shafts although these can be altered manually at golf stores at any stage.


Club Head of the Irons

The bigger the surface area of the iron the easier it will be to hit the ball and the higher you chance you’ve got of hitting the sweet spot. So to begin with a large surface area is ideal but as you become quite precise and regularly hit in the same spot on your irons you should upgrade your set. You really want maximum power to be transferred to the ball through your swing so again a wide face is going to be the perfect choice for a beginner.


Centre of Gravity

Centre of gravity is going to affect your golf but not as much as the surface area of the club head or the shaft material. The centre of gravity will correctly weight your irons and increase your accuracy and power.