Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Golf is an amazing sport for seniors as all you need to do is adapt your equipment and you can still play at the level you have always played at. When choosing the 2019 model golf clubs for seniors I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Daniel at Golf Accessories Reviews. He has shared detailed posts on just about everything you could need including golf cubs for seniors. The information provided in the reviews will be incredibly helpful to your golf game allowing seniors to enjoy their golf as they age. Let’s take a look at the golf and seniors and a few key differences in these clubs.


Happy senior golf palyer watching his ball go in the hole


Seniors and Golf

If you are already interested in golf clubs for seniors then chances are you already know the benefits of golf but let’s touch on them again! Many seniors have played golf their whole lives so as their bodies begin to slow all you need to do is upgrade or change your golf equipment and you can still achieve the same golf results. Walking a round of golf is incredibly good for joint mobility, elevating your heart rate and getting in some light cardio.¬† It also works to keep minds active by understanding the angles and math behind shots as well as keeping an eye out for your ball and remembering the proper technique. The social aspect of it is great too and there are many golf groups and social events for seniors to meet each other and make new friends.


Differences of Senior Golf Clubs Sets

There are a few key differences with senior golf club sets over lady and women sets. The main differences are the shaft, shaft flex, shaft torque and shaft weight. As you can see the shaft is the biggest factor! The shaft is more or less the engine of your golf so customizing your engine gives you the freedom to tweak things to how you want them!


Senior golf clubs


Shaft Flex

Shaft flex relates to a clubs ability to bend while swinging and this directly affects the direction as well as distance you can achieve when striking the ball. As your swing slows as you age the shaft needs to become more flexible to account for the loss in power. If you have a very fast swing then your shaft flex should be quite stiff. Many golf sets make it easier for seniors to choose as they come with the shaft flex rating of S for senior.


Shaft Torque

Torque is the twisting of your golf clubs and is measured and rated. The measurement is in degrees and the lower this number the less the shaft is going to twist. Torque is directly related to your balls trajectory with the lower torque being a lower trajectory and the higher torque being a higher trajectory. So if you are having issues with ball trajectory consider the shaft torque.


Shaft Weight

How much weight you have in your shaft is going to affect  your swing speed and therefore distance achieved. The lighter your shaft the more speed and distance you are likely to achieve. To know which shaft weight is right for you can be a bit tricky as it depends on your swing. If you know your swing speed and have noticed a significant slowing then changing your shaft weight could be the simple answer to this.

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