Finding the Best Irons for Improving your Long Game

If your long game needs a little help then perhaps you should consider your irons and buying a new set. Irons are a bit difficult to learn how to use but once you have mastered them your golf game should improve immensely. If you are looking for the Best Irons for Beginners in 2019 and after then I highly recommending reading the comprehensive review at Golf Accessories Reviews. Daniel has put in a lot of effort and work into writing detailed and very thorough reviews of all golf accessories that you could need. The website is very easy to navigate and very easy to read. I highly recommend Golf Accessories Reviews for all your golfing needs!


What are Irons?

Irons are the clubs you use for getting down the fairway after teeing off. They range from a 3 to a 9 iron and each number relates to a slightly different club with the lower numbers being used for long shots and the higher numbers for short shots. Learning to use your irons and mastering the distance you can achieve with them is the key to a lower handicap.


In a standard set there are 7 irons and a pitching wedge and sand wedge. In general the higher irons are a lot easier to hit with as they are quite a bit longer and more comfortable to use. The 3 and 4 irons are more often than not substituted out for fairway woods. Fairway woods are generally hybrid clubs with a bigger face than irons which make it alot easier to hit your golf ball. Fairway woods are great for beginner players.


What to Look for When Selecting Iron?

There are 3 things I consider very important when it comes to choosing the right irons. These include the shaft material, the club head and the centre of gravity. So let’s take a look at those 3 things in more detail.


Shaft Material

This should not be shrugged off lightly when considering not only your irons but all of your golf clubs. The material as well as length and shaft of your irons will change your golf hugely! For beginners the most important feature is forgiveness, when learning you are going to hit some very terrible shots -let’s accept that right now. Forgiving golf clubs mean that if you don’t connect with the sweet spot then your ball is still going to travel generally in the direction you are aiming and generally for quite some distance. This is great because the moment you hit a bad ball you feel it and you’ll know because it doesn’t sound good and it won’t feel good in your hands.


With a lighter shaft material you can expect your swing speed to increase and ball to travel further. Most lady clubs are made from graphite for this reason and graphite is also an excellent choice for a beginner. The other option would be steel shafts. It would be great if you can test both out before making your purchase as well as the height of your shafts although these can be altered manually at golf stores at any stage.


Club Head of the Irons

The bigger the surface area of the iron the easier it will be to hit the ball and the higher you chance you’ve got of hitting the sweet spot. So to begin with a large surface area is ideal but as you become quite precise and regularly hit in the same spot on your irons you should upgrade your set. You really want maximum power to be transferred to the ball through your swing so again a wide face is going to be the perfect choice for a beginner.


Centre of Gravity

Centre of gravity is going to affect your golf but not as much as the surface area of the club head or the shaft material. The centre of gravity will correctly weight your irons and increase your accuracy and power.

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