Strength training for improving your golf

Golf is a sport where you need coordination between mind and body. With a well maintained body you will be able to perform better as with any sport. In Golf the most important thing is strength and flexibility. The strength to hit that ball hard and fast and the flexibility to bend your upper body for that perfect swing of the club. So strength is not the only thing you need to work on.

But before you go and do the listed exercises, please consult a health professional. The some exercises listed may not be for everyone especially for those suffering heart, join, and bone problems.


The exercise list

For this article, I found a research done in 1995 and 1996 that questioned the same thing.

The exercise done during the research back in 1995 and 1996 were the following:

  1. Leg extension Quadriceps
  2. Seated leg curl Hamstrings
  3. Leg press Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals
  4. Chest cross Pectoralis major
  5. Chest press Pectoralis major, triceps
  6. Super pullover Latissimus dorsi
  7. Lateral raise Deltoids
  8. Biceps curl Biceps
  9. Triceps extension Triceps
  10. Back extension Erector spinae
  11. Abdominal curl Rectus abdominis
  12. Neck flexion Sternocleidomastoids
  13. Neck extension Upper trapezius
  14. Weight-assisted chin-up Latissimus dorsi, biceps
  15. Weight-assisted bar-dip Pectoralis major, triceps
  16. Rotary torso machine for the oblique muscles (added in 1996)
  17. Super forearm machine for the wrist flexor and extensor muscles (added in 1996)



You do not need to follow the list. As long as you can exercise the same muscle groups, you will be able to get more from that swing. However, much sure you choose a good golf grip. This will make all the exercise much easier when you actually play!


Strength training with flexibility training

Exercise does not need to be tedious, 12 repetitions are enough just to develop more muscle strength. The exercises done specifically targets the legs, torso, arms, and neck; almost the whole body. The set of exercise that targets these areas made the golf players performance better. The participants of the research experienced an added bonus to the torque, therefore an increase of swing speed.


They were able to perform better as their developed strength and flexibility let them swing the club harder and so the ball flew further.


In the following months after the research was carried the participants noted an increase in performance capability, better health, improvement on their daily life, less fatigue, and lesser injuries while playing the sport of golf. The exercise helped them in the long run as a golf player and as an ordinary person doing their daily task. They became healthier as they developed their bodies through the exercise.

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